What Role Does Vitamin D Play in Our Immune Health?

What Role Does Vitamin D Play in Our Immune Health?

Vitamin D for Immune Health

Evidence continues to mount validating the critical nature of Vitamin D to human health. Actually, a form of the hormone, Vitamin D exerts a powerful influence on virtually every cell in the body as it has been shown to activate the immune system's ability to identify and thwart pathogens and rogue cancer cells.

Medical science has been aware of Vitamin D's health benefits for decades, noting that certain cancers are much more prevalent in colder northern climates than in the sun-saturated southern geographic zones. Research published in the journal Nature Immunology provides evidence and the scientific evidence behind this miraculous pro-hormone.

Vitamin D Activates the Immune Response

Our body is very sensitive to Vitamin D circulating in the blood, with insufficient levels leading to poor immune system response and disease. Man has evolved with much higher blood levels of Vitamin D than many people experience today, due to regular sun exposure experienced by our ancestors. Our genetic code has incorporated this hormone and uses it to perform many cellular functions.

Scientists have discovered that Vitamin D activates our innate immune system's white blood cell components known as T-cells, which are responsible for tagging an intruder pathogen for destruction. This study is important because it demonstrates that this is only possible when enough Vitamin D circulates in the blood. When the vitamin is deficient, there is no detection, and the pathogen or rogue cancer cell is permitted to flourish and multiply.

Vitamin D Trains the Immune System for Future Assaults

Under the guidance of Vitamin D, the T-cells can store information that helps our immune system recall prior invaders and respond to them more quickly if a future attack occurs. Disease response memory is critical to providing natural defenses as we age since the body can rapidly identify and conquer a host of pathogens as it continually adapts to its environment. Many researchers believe this is a crucial reason that man has survived and evolved in a relatively hostile viral environment.

Vitamin D Critical to Cancer Prevention: Supplement

While Vitamin D is an essential factor in reducing risk from diabetes and heart disease to stroke and dementia, it is critical in preventing and even treating many types of cancer. When sufficient blood levels of Vitamin D are present, the active receptors on each cell in the body are filled, providing a metabolic instruction manual for cellular replication.

As cancer is a disease initiated through genetic mutation, it is important to replicate DNA strands to future cellular generations effectively. This occurs under the control of Vitamin D, and only when optimal amounts are present on the cellular receptors. Monitor blood levels of vitamin D through regular blood testing to ensure a level above 50 ng/ml.

The missing link to understanding many of the most devastating diseases which plague humankind is now within our grasp, as we better understand the role of Vitamin D in activating the scavenging power of our immune system.

Researchers estimate that 80% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D and requires some supplementation level, yet most are unaware that they can dramatically lower their risk of developing a host of lethal conditions. Have your blood checked today and harness the power of your own immune system toward a healthy, disease-free life.

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