Top- 5 Powerful and Proven Health Supplements for Women

Top- 5 Powerful and Proven Health Supplements for Women

 The hormonal changes in women during menstruation and childbearing has a profound impact on their dietary requirement. For example, a man and woman of age 30 with the same height and weight will have two different dietary requirement profiles. While a man needs high calories due to their larger frame & muscle mass, a woman needs high micronutrients like calcium, iron and folic acid (hormonal changes).

 Why the difference?

The difference in the dietary requirements is due to the way they are built, to be precise. A woman during her menstruation loses higher amounts of Iron, and the same women need a higher amount of folic acid during the pregnancy for adequate development of the foetus. Case in point, post-menopause experience accelerated bones loss ramping up their calcium needs. And the man? Unless he experiences a medical condition his dietary requirement stays the same.

The woman due to their lack of awareness their dietary requirements can always carry the risk of malnutrition and health supplements are the only way to get rid of this potential risk.

But the world of supplements is filled with thousands of woman’s health supplements, how do you pick the best woman health supplements?

Looking for best women’s health supplements for optimal health, then here is the list of essential supplements is for you:

  1. Folic Acid:

Folic acid is the supplement form of folate which is very important for a woman both during and after pregnancy. In addition to playing an important role in the production of RBC and WBC, Folate is crucial for energy production and physiological development. Adequate intake of Folate during early pregnancy is also essential to prevent pregnancy loss and possible risk of birth defects in the unborn babies.

How much Folic acid is needed?

In addition to folate from the daily food, 400 mg is the minimum requirement for an adult, and an average of 400-800 mg of Folic acid is recommended for pregnant women. 

Where to buy?

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  1. Calcium:

Calcium is an essential nutrient for healthy bones which is why our bodies store all the Calcium in the bones. When the body is deprived of its essential Calcium, the body borrows some from the bones making them brittle along the way causing Osteoporosis. The risk of osteoporosis is way higher in women due to lack of estrogen post-menopause making it a crucial micronutrient for older adults.

How much Calcium is needed?

Recommended dietary intake of Calcium with age in a woman: 1000 mg for younger woman (age<50) and 1200 mg for older adults (age>50). And pregnant women might need a tad higher i.e. 1200 mg to 1400 mg calcium for their daily needs.

Where to buy?

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  1. Vitamin D: 

Yes, Calcium is very important to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis in women but Calcium can only help you when it is fully absorbed and Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of Calcium. Without Vitamin D our bodies cannot fully absorb the Calcium making it extremely important for your bone health.

How much Vitamin D is needed?

Vitamin D is produced by the body with the help of sunlight but the production can vary from person to person. A light-skinned individual can produce more Vitamin D than a dark-skinned one, making the majority of Indians low in Vitamin D. For a woman aged below 50, an average of 1000mg Vitamin D is recommended and for the women above 50 a slightly higher dose of 1200mg of Vitamin D is considered essential. Vitamin D is not as easily available as Calcium through natural foods, making Vitamin D supplementation imminent in women. 

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  1. Vitamin B-12: 

Vitamin B-12 is an essential nutrient which cannot be produced by the human body and has to be consumed adequately through external food sources. It is very important for the production of red blood cells and optimal functioning of the brain, neurons, both crucial for the unborn baby of pregnant women.

How much Vitamin B-12 is needed?

 While recommended daily allowance is around 2.4 micrograms, pregnant women or breastfeeding moms need 6 mcg at the least 

Where to buy?

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  1. Iron:

Most of the iron in the body is in red blood cells and as the women lose lots of blood during menstruation, they stand at higher risk of losing much-needed iron from their bodies. When this situation is coupled with a lack of iron in their diets, women are especially vulnerable to iron deficiency. And Iron supplements can surely help address this deficiency effectively without any side effects.

How much Iron is needed?

 Girls of ages 8 to 13 need 8 mg of iron per day and girls above age 14 need at least 15 mg of iron ae their daily requirement. As for pregnant women, the recommended daily allowance of iron is 30 mg to 40 mg and when these amounts are particularly difficult for a woman to achieve through diet, supplemental is recommended by healthcare professionals.

Where to buy?

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