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Top- 3 Face Clays for Bright & Acne-free Skin

Top- 3 Face Clays for Bright & Acne-free Skin

Clay masks remove impurities from your skin, shrinks the appearance of large pores, removes acne-causing excess oil, supplies vital nutrients to the skin, brightens the skin and does all these things in 20 minutes. All you need is to apply the clay face mask to your face and let it dry before you wash it off.

Simple and easy, right? Not entirely. Different types of clays are available in different compositions in the market right now. So, which one do you select? To make it easy for you we have studied hundreds of clays available today and made a list of important clays that can boost your skin health.

Here are the 3 face clays that can help you boost your skin health:

  1. Kaolin Clay:

Gentlest of all the clays, Kaolin Clay is the mild exfoliator that is perfect for dry and sensitive skins. With neutral pH, this clay is rich silica dioxide acts as a natural detoxifier, stimulating skin cells brightening and improving the skin tone in the process. In addition to being a face mask, this China clay can also be used as natural hair shampoo to strengthen hair roots and remove dandruff. The power of Kaolin Clay is being leveraged today by making it an active ingredient in bath salts, face masks, toothpaste, and soaps.

  1. Rhassoul Clay:

The Morocco clay as it is called, the Rhassoul Clay is packed with loads of minerals that are essential for skin and hair. Since most of the toxins in the body are positively charged the negatively charged Rhassoul clay sucks-in the excel oil, blackheads, impurities, and other harmful toxins without drying out the skin or hair. The silk-like Rhassoul clay increases the elasticity of the skin, evens the skin tone, and reduces the blackheads, blemishes, and skin dryness. It is an active ingredient in Moroccan Clays which is known as the world’s best natural skin care remedy. If you are looking for Moroccan clay, Herbspro India has git Moroccan clay facial scrub, Moroccan clay mud musk available for you at a 30% discount.

  1. Bentonite Face Clay:

Known as “Clay with 1000 uses”, Bentonite Clay is one of the most powerful natural remedies made available to us by Mother Earth. Extracted from volcanic ash, the Bentonite clay in the presence of water swells like a sponge carries a negative charge.

The electric properties of the smooth pastes draw out the toxins inside the skin help you get rid of the impurities, heavy metals even bacteria and fungi. And hence, it helps you unclog your pore, brightens your skin, improves your skin tone prevents acne and breakouts. Though Bentonite Clay is affordable and is widely available in the market, there are many adulterated versions. HerbsPro India has got the best quality Bentonite Clay in the world which is directly imported from North America, and you can grab it here.

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