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Three Most Powerful Herbs That Help You Boost Your Immunity This Winter

Three Most Powerful Herbs That Help You Boost Your Immunity This Winter

The immune system is the built-in protection system of our body that keeps all the illness and disease-causing bacteria, virus, fungus and germs at bay. Akin to our Army, the immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work tirelessly to protect our body from these pathogens.

But it is during the cold months of the year, these pathogens spread more rapidly and cold, dry air of the winters may slightly decrease the efficiency of the immune system. This results in the onset of common colds, flu infections, fevers, respiratory problems and sometimes even worsens the medical conditions.

There is no one single magic pill that can lend a helping hand to your immune system during winters to fight off these potential health problems. Following a healthy diet, proper exercise regimen and practicing good hygiene do help, but there are better natural ways that can help you give a boost to your immune system: Herbs.

Herbs are the gift from Mother Nature that offer a natural and effective way to improve our immune system during winter. Here are 3 herbs that help you boost your immunity system during the winter:


Termed as ‘Medicinal Chest’ by the legendary Greek physician Hippocrates, the beautiful and dark purple Elderberries are a potent flu and cold remedy revered by the ancient European medical communities. With its powerful antiviral and antioxidant properties, Elderberry serves as a potent immunity booster to help decrease the incidence of fever and common flue during the winter season. HerbsPro India has got a vast collection of this powerful herb in the form of supplement and you can buy it here.


Echinacea is one of the most effective and popular immunity-boosting herb available in the market right now. It raises the core body temperature to keep the infections in-check and stimulates the production of White Blood Cells and Spleen cells that fight off the pathogens causing the infections. Echinacea is also available in the supplement form from various top manufacturers around the world on HerbsPro India at an amazing 33% discount here.


A bitter herb that is a native of South Asian Countries of India, China, and Sri Lanka, Andrographis is another popular herb that has been used in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries now. Andrographis is a powerful immune system booster which is often credited for stopping the horrific flu endemic in India 1919. As a stimulant of the immune system, Andrographis helps in the treatment of fevers, infections, sore throats, coughs, swollen tonsils, digestive problems insect bites and even allergies.

This powerful herb is widely used for a variety of immune system problems in European countries. It is not easily available in supplement form in the market and there are only a handful of manufacturers who make quality Andrographis supplements. Fortunately, HerbsPro India has made it available in the Indian subcontinent and is also offering a great discount. You can buy it here.

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