There Are Many Benefits of Green Tea but Here Are the Top 5:

There Are Many Benefits of Green Tea but Here Are the Top 5:

Green tea is undoubtedly the most popular health beverage right now in the world which is an achievement in itself, especially for a beverage that is so bitter. Originally a native of China, the world has embraced it like no other drink in recent times.

Why is Green tea so popular?

The tea is greenish-yellow, tastes bitter with a mild grassy flavour which one wouldn’t generally prefer in general. Yes, it is highly available but it has very low caffeine levels so that doesn’t cut it.

Yet green tea accounts for more than 15% of tea consumed today around the world. And all this could only mean that it has something valuable to offer and it sure does.

Green Tea – The Powerhouse:

The bitter beverage we were talking about is no ordinary tea. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and flavonoids which is why the Chinese and Japanese have been using it for 3000 years to cure various diseases. Even today the popularity of Green tea is due to abounding general health benefits and its ability to help in treating serious medical conditions.

To be more specific, here are top-5 benefits of Green tea that you should know: 

1. Reduces the Risk of Cancer:

Green tea and cancer are not known to fit together which is why cancer rates tend to be lower in countries where green tea consumption is higher. “The Polyphenols in green tea are found to decrease the tumour growth and guard the skin cells against the UVB harmful rays”, National Cancer Institute says.

2. Lowers the Risk of Diabetes:

Regular consumption of green tea improves insulin sensitivity, inhibits lipid intake and thus stabilizes the blood glucose levels. People who enjoy green tea regularly are found to have a 43% lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

3. Improves cardiovascular health:

Cardiovascular diseases are the world’s No.1 cause of deaths and regular consumption (at least 5 cups a day) of green tea is found to help to decrease their risk. The antioxidants and polyphenols found in green tea are shown to decrease hypertension and cholesterols levels which are the major risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Improves Cognitive function and brain health:

Green increases brain activity in the memory area by improving the blood flow to the brain and blocking the plaque formation. It is found to delay the senescence of the brain, prevent the regression of memory to protect the brain in the old age.

5. Improves general health and aids in weight loss:

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are considered powerful antioxidants that improve our general health. But consider this: one single cup of green tea contains 75 times more antioxidants than both these vitamins which help in fighting to age, improving digestion and promoting healthy skin. And on top of that, replacing your regular beverage with green tea improves metabolism by 10% burning calories to get rid of that extra weight for you.

The list of total health benefits of green teas could run very long and you need another green tea to refresh yourself. All we could say is that you are missing out on plenty of health benefits which can be significantly increase your general health without having to spend heavy on costly healthy supplements. Green tea is the most affordable health beverage available on the planet right now and you should give it a try.

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