Healthy Diet for Your Hair: Nutrients and Foods for Healthy Hair

Healthy Diet for Your Hair: Nutrients and Foods for Healthy Hair

Though the market is flooded with highly expensive products that claim to improve your health and volume; a balanced diet with protein, iron, and other essential vitamins & nutrients remains to be the basic building blocks of hair and the important part here is that your diet is always in your own hands.

In most cases, proper healthy diet also curbs the hair fall problem that most of the younger generation often experience these days.

But what is healthy diet for hair?

A diet filled with above essential nutrients that improve health of your hair is the healthy diet for hair. Need more info about the nutrients for hair health? Read on:

Here are the six most important elements that should be part of your daily nutrition for healthy hair:


A Protein is what your hair is made up of. All the vitamins and nutrients indeed play their part but the protein is the real deal here. Being the basic building block it helps in repairing and growing new hair on your scalp. A protein-deficient diet slows the growth rate of your new hair and also thin out your current hair too.

Eggs, milk, lentils, nuts, beans chicken, fish, and any other animal food products are the good sources of protein through diet. If you cannot get enough protein from your diet you can also choose protein supplements available in the market.


If protein is your ‘Batman’ then Iron would be his ‘Robin’. Simply put, Iron is the second most important mineral for your hair growth. When you are deprived of the required amount of iron, the nutrients in your blood supply to your hair follicle takes a beating resulting in weaker hair strands ultimately causing the shredding. All types of beans and animal foods, spinach, apple, chickpeas, lentils are good sources of Iron.

Vitamin C:

Protein, Iron, Vitamin C form the triad of essential elements for your hair. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which is very important for the growth of your hair. It also dons the role of a ‘Second’ for Iron, aiding its absorption into the body. Dark green leafy veggies, papaya, kiwi, guava, oranges, lemons and all kinds of citrus fruits are the great sources of vitamin C. You can also choose Vitamin C supplements to improve your uptake.


Vitamin A:

An itchy and dry scalp is the direct result of your body falling low on Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for our body to produce Sebum, an oily substance that acts as a natural conditioner that promotes a healthy scalp. Dairy products, carrots sweet potato, pumpkin, are the good sources of Vitamin A

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Remember the days when your mom force-fed you the fish claiming that it’s healthy; well, that happens to be true. A fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which are known to be super-effective for hair growth and strength. Tuna, sardines, salmon fish, egg yolks, pumpkin seeds, Walnut are abundant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil & Omega-3 supplements are also available to fill the nutrition gaps if you are unable to get all the nutrient from your diet alone.

More often than not bad diet happen to be reason for unexplained hair loss in younger generation today. Time and again research has proved how our food habits can influence the health of our hair. So it is very important to follow a proper diet regimen for healthy hair. However if you are unable to get all the nutrients through diet alone, you can also use vitamin and nutritional supplements to improve your hair health.

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