Clearance Sale: Now Offering the Best Price in the Market for These 4 Products!

Clearance Sale: Now Offering the Best Price in the Market for These 4 Products!

It’s New Year and we come bearing gifts!!

HerbsPro India has been offering some canny deals on dietary supplements, groceries, health & fitness supplements, and everyday products for some time now. On the occasion of this New Year 2018, we have upped our ante.

The deals just got better and your savings are going to get bigger!

Our much-awaited Clearance Sale is on!!

 And now you can now grab superb discounts on Dietary Supplements, Personal & Grooming Products, Health & Fitness Products, & Groceries.

You can find them all here:

There are many products in-there, with amazing discount offers, some of them at their all-time low price point which is not available on other e-commerce websites. To make it easy for you, we have handpicked our best sellers which also happens to be at their best price in the market!

Now Foods Omega-3 – 200 Soft Gels:

The Omega-3 soft gels from Now Foods has been our best seller in the dietary supplements for some time now. While Now Foods has been the market leader on the Omega-3 supplements, HerbsPro India has been offering free next day delivery making it an even better proposition. Now, this popular choice has got a price cut and now it is available at a much lesser price.

Market Price: Rs 1249 /-

HerbsPro India Price: Rs 1199/-

You can buy it here:

Lafes Natural Body Care Crystal Push Stick - 4.25 Oz

The natural deodorant from Lafe's is really a breath of fresh air among the chemically harmful deodorants. Made with mineral salts, it is fragrance-free, non-staining, and hypoallergenic; it gets the job done by getting rid of the odor-causing bacteria. HerbsPro India is now offering 46% off on this unique deodorant and yes next delivery too!

Market Price: Rs 1804/-

HerbsPro India Price: Rs 1058/-

Dynamic Health Laboratories Cranberry Concentrate – 16 Oz.

Cranberries are the superfood packed with antioxidants and carry many unique health benefits. But not everyone is blessed with the perennial availability of these tarts like berries. Cranberry concentrates are in good demand and Dynamic Health Laboratories have come up with a winner here. HerbsPro India is offering almost 60% discount on the product with an extra 10 % monthly discount making this is the best deal you could get for the product.

Market Price: Rs 5,500 /-

HerbsPro India Price: Rs 2094 /-

Order it here now:

Tea Tree Therapy Tea Tree Shampoo - 16 Oz.

Coming from the top Tea Tree oil manufacturer in the world, Tea Tree Shampoo is a massive hit in the market. It was not easily available in India, even if it did the price was marked a tad higher than usual. HerbsPro India has brought the best seller into the market and is also offering a superb 65% off on the original price!

Market Price: Rs 1,883 /-

HerbsPro India Price: Rs 1,279 /-

Buy it here:

On top of all these amazing discount offers, HerbsPro India is also offering an extra 10% discount on your purchase and free next day delivery. So your purchases are in good hands.

Happy New Year!

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