5 Tips to Speed up Your Memory and Brain Function:

5 Tips to Speed up Your Memory and Brain Function:

It’s quite common to realize that you have been slowing down as you age, both physically and mentally. While you no longer have to stay at your physical best all the time, the mental realm is a different matter altogether. It’s absolutely necessary to maintain your brain function to perform your daily activities at your usual best.

Mental decline i.e. slow loss in memory and brain function is one of the most dreading consequence of aging. While there are physical activities and supplements to boost your physical fitness, there are ways to improve your mental function too. Here are five tips to speed up your memory and brain function:

Stimulate your brain regularly:

The best way to improve your brain function is to use it. The brain is a muscle that gets strong as you use it and could slowly wither away if it is not stimulated enough. Mental stimulation helps in forming new nerve connections and brain cells slowing the mental decline. You can do so by giving yourself a mental challenge in terms of puzzles, math problems or even learning a new language, playing a musical instrument or even drawing.

Like a side dish you can further stimulate your brain by remembering dates, phone number, perform basic mental calculations when you shop.

Physical activity improves mental function:

Physical exercise not only improves the blood supply to your brain (needs oxygenated blood) but also forms new nerve connections and helps in the development of brain cells. Physical activities also keep your vital body functions in good shape and reduce the mental stress that obviously improves your brain function. Stimulate your brain and body regularly and you will surely notice the improvement yourself.


No wonder our ancient yogi’s were masters in meditation. Today science has proven that practicing meditation regularly can significantly improve brain function and cognitive abilities. And if we are talking about aging-related brain matter decline, we cannot really get past the meditation. Researchers at UCLA have proven that mediators experienced less grey matter loss than the non-meditators. So a 20-minute mindfulness meditation improves cognitive performance, decreases grey matter loss, improves energy levels and removes mental stress.

So why would you not incorporate meditation into your daily routine now?

Get an optimal diet: 

We have covered all the work that has to do, both mentally and physically. So what about the food that your brain needs? We have to cover that aspect too, don’t we?

A healthy diet is important for healthy body functions but in addition to your regular balanced diet brain needs more of specific foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Natural sources of these fatty acids include fish, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds almonds, etc. So make sure you get your servings if these omega-3 foods in your diet.


Use proved brain & memory Supplements:  Brain and memory supplements are nothing but the concentrated sources of the nutrients and vitamins the brain needs for its function. Not all the help brain needs come from conventional sources and not everyone can have all the brain food sources that we have mentioned above so these brain and memory supplements can help fill the gaps for them easily. But we advise you to choose brain and memory support that are only proven to provide quantifiable benefits.

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