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Protein Powders Can Boost Your Weight Loss, Here’s How:

Protein Powders Can Boost Your Weight Loss, Here’s How:

A healthy diet and weight loss is getting rid of excess body fat to make sure that you are in a healthy BMI range. Weight loss is all about maintaining a calorie deficit i.e. consuming fewer calories than what your body burns per each day.

Calories and Weight Loss:

Calories are little chunks of energy that our body produces when we consume food. These energy chunks are utilized by our body to run our system and perform all activities. The food we consume provides us with calories and external activities like exercise burns those calories for us.

When we consume way too many calories, our body stores these excess calories as glycogen or fat in liver, muscles and other body sites so as to make use of them when you need them. Over time if you never get to use them and yet continue to eat in excess, these body fat stores expand and thus we gain unhealthy weight and look fat which can be detrimental to our health.

How Do Protein Powders help in Weight Loss?

As a general rule, weight loss happens when we consume fewer calories than our body burns off on daily basis and you gain weight when the vice versa happens. The best way to accomplish weight loss is to resort to calorie deficit diet i.e. increase the calories we burn and decrease the calorie intake.

A calorie deficit diet is not as easy as it sounds, but protein powders, shakes and supplements can help you stick to your calorie deficit diet for weight loss, here’s why:

  1. Protein supplements decrease your hunger:

Hunger pangs are common consequences of a calorie deficit diet which more often leads to weight loss fail. Adding a protein shake to your daily diet keeps your stomach full and decreases your hunger helping you stick to your diet plan.

  1. Protein burns more calories:

Our body has to spend 20 to 30% of the protein calories to process and utilize the protein. So in addition to making us feel all filled up, protein consumption also burns calories which help in our calorie deficit plan for weight loss.

  1. Protein boosts your metabolism and helps in weight loss:

A protein shake is more beneficial to your weight loss when supplemented with exercise, particularly strength training. Strength training with protein supplements builds muscle and boosts metabolism and your muscles burn the calories for you even when you are idle.

Protein supplements help in increasing your metabolism, helps you burn more calories per day and all this while decreasing your food consumption.

Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

And that is why adequate protein consumption forms the pillars of the weight loss and adding protein supplements to your diet is the easiest way to leverage the benefits of these macronutrients. Whey, Casein, Pea, Egg, and Soy are the types of protein that are found to be a superb choice for people looking to lose weight.

While all type of protein supplements can help you lose weight, you can extract best results if you can follow a well-balanced calorie deficit diet along with an active exercise routine.

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Which is the best protein for beginners to gain muscle?

Which is the best protein for beginners to gain muscle?

No advice about muscle building is ever complete without mentioning the word Protein.

Though it is an essential more our normal functioning too, you can make do with other micro-nutrients as well. But muscle gain in its entirety directly depends on your protein intake.


No protein, no muscle; It is as simple as that.

Obviously, natural protein sources are always the best bet for your diet. These natural sources bring a whole dose of nutrition with them too. But it may not be possible for everyone to cover their protein need with natural sources alone. A 70 kg individual is expected to take a take 120 grams of protein at the least, which is really tough and also time-consuming. It is almost a herculean task if you are a vegan.

On top of all these, the number of natural sources of pure protein is scarce, especially with the Indian diet. A whole egg, the most affordable natural source of protein brings a chunk of fat which in excess is nor desirable if you want to be shredded and same goes with milk. And almost all the natural protein sources. It takes a lot of planning to get your protein sources right and even after that, you find something lacking in your diet plan.

Enter the Protein powders, the best workout supplement to ever grace the fitness world!

Protein supplements are the concentrated version of the protein that is extracted from our daily foods: milk, peas, rice etc. So obviously all protein supplements are not made equal. Much to our likeness, there are different types of protein supplements based on their quality, concentration and also the foods from which they are extracted. Different types of protein: Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Egg Protein, Pea Protein, and Mixed Plant Protein are some of the protein that is named based on their sources, quality and your goal.

So, what is the Best Protein Supplement for beginners to gain muscle?

Answer: Whey Protein.

Almost all kinds of proteins mentioned above provide the gains you need. But Whey Protein is found to be the best source of Protein-based on numerous studies.

Extracted from milk during cheese making process, Whey protein is a high-quality protein that is rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are very important for muscle growth and recovery after resistance exercises thus increasing strength, better than other proteins. So if you have to choose one protein supplement for your muscle gain and have no problems with dairy products, Whey is a better choice.

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Here’s How L-Glutamine Can Help You Ramp up Your Workout Performance

Here’s How L-Glutamine Can Help You Ramp up Your Workout Performance

It’s no wonder that you haven’t heard much about the L-Glutamine. It is one of the most common amino acid found in our body. L-Glutamine is not even an essential amino acid that has to be consumed from external sources. Almost 61% of the skeletal muscle is made of L-Glutamine which means our body has its own L-Glutamine stores.

That said, L-Glutamine is also one of the most essential supplement to have, if you are aiming for a great increase in muscle mass and a ripped physique. So, if it is that easily available, why is L-Glutamine considered an essential supplement for bodybuilding? Here’s why:

L- Glutamine is essential for muscle growth:

Yes, your body does have the L-Glutamine stores, which is only sufficient under normal conditions. Working out causes microscopic tears in muscles which repair themselves, a quite normal scenario in muscle development. So, now these growing muscles need larger Glutamine intake from outside supplements to build new fibres and grow in size and strength. In case they are not provided with the nutrients body may break down your muscle to use the L-Glutamine (remember, the skeletal muscle stores?)

Reduces the recovery period gets you ready for an intense session:

After an intense workout session, the body gets depleted of glycogen, a primary energy source for workouts. Replenishing these glycogen stores as soon as possible is important for optimal recovery, making post-workout meals more important. Quicker these glycogen stores are replenished faster the body recovers without any post-workout fatigue. Adding the L-Glutamine supplement to your post workout meal is proven to accelerate this recovery period making you ready for your next workout session as soon as possible.

Decreases the risk of overtraining:

 Bodybuilders and strength athletes who put their body under a lot of stress are highly benefitted from L-Glutamine supplementation. Pushing their body to extreme limits increases the risk of overtraining which can result in fatigue and injury ultimately. Supplementing with Glutamine reduces the risk of overtraining helping them perform to their best levels.

Enhances your immune system:

Another important function of Glutamine is to support the optimal functioning of the immune system. When you catch the flu during your workout sessions, your body uses the Glutamine to signal the necessary system that attacks the flu. Hence your recovery from the workout can become slower. Similarly when you work out your body might use up all your Glutamine for the recovery and thus your immune system might take the hit. That is exactly why the post of the bodybuilders catch normal flu quite easily and doctors prescribe Glutamine to keep your immune system elevated when you catch an illness. Consuming Glutamine supplementation from the outside will help you in recovering from the workout without letting your immune system take the hit.

If you are one who works out occasionally, a proper diet will ensure you get your required dose of Glutamine but if you are one of those strength athletes or bodybuilders who strive for performance and perfection, then a quality L-Glutamine supplementation is a must have in your staple of workout supplements.

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