What Causes Dry Eyes ?

What Causes Dry Eyes ?

What Causes Dry Eyes

When we cry, be it out of sadness, sorrow, or happiness, our eyes tear up and it gets wet. However, even if we are not crying, our eyes remain wet and need to stay that way. Otherwise, there would be a number of things we would have either a hard time doing or being unable to do at all.

This can happen when you have dry eyes. But what are dry eyes? What causes it? Is it something that you just let pass, or is it something that you should be worrying about? How can you treat it? Do you need to immediately see a doctor when you get dry eyes? You can learn more of that in this article.

What are dry eyes?

Dry eyes happen when the tears that your eyes produce are not enough to give proper lubrication to your eyes. If you are still unaware, our eyes use tears to keep it lubricated and functioning properly.

Perhaps you have worked an all-nighter once or twice in your life. Ever noticed how you would yawn and tear up on your eyes? After that, you would feel a little refreshed and you may feel less stress in your eyes. This is one of the essential functions of teasers in our eyes, and when it is not sufficient, you end up getting dry eyes.

There are two types of dry eyes conditions: it can be either temporary, or it can be chronic. A temporary dry eye can be due to a number of simple and temporary factors such as excessive reading or exposure to a screen, extreme weather conditions, or lack of sleep, among others. However, this type of dry eyes goes away after some time and should not last long.

On the other hand, dry eyes can be considered chronic if it lasts for a long time and is already getting in the way of your normal and daily life functions.

Symptoms of dry eyes

Sometimes, you might not even be aware that you have dry eyes already. Here are some of the warning signs that your eyes might not be as lubricated as they should be--and that you might need to do something about it.

  • You feel an unusual itch and the urge to scratch your eyes repeatedly
  • You feel a burning sensation in your eyes
  • Your vision becomes blurry
  • You get red eyes
  • You feel extra sensitive to light

What causes dry eyes?

There are several causes of dry eyes, and some of them may be something you always do, or something that you cannot avoid entirely

Here are some of the things that can cause dry eyes.


As you get older, you get more prone to dry eyes. Studies have shown that once people reach the age of 50, tear production decreases and the chance of getting dry eyes increases.

The meds you take

There are certain medications, or a combination of some, that can temporarily affect your eye’s ability to create moisture through tears. If this is the cause, you can ask your doctor for an alternative that would not cause dry eyes, or you can simply ask for artificial tears in the form of eye drops. You can easily buy the best eye drops online as well.


You may have read too much throughout the day or have stayed in front of the computer for an extended period of time. This can cause dry eyes. This is because when we read or look at a monitor, we tend to blink less than we normally would. In turn, this would result in our eyes getting less lubrication than it should and thus, we end up having dry eyes.

Vitamin A deficiency

Most of us know that vitamin A is good for the eyes. Normally, you would get enough vitamin A you need from a healthy and balanced diet. However, if you have certain conditions that make you have deficiency for this, you may end up having dry eyes, among other eye problems that you may experience.


If you are dehydrated, a lot of your bodily functions may start to not work properly. You might start feeling dizzy, light-headed, weak, and have dry eyes, among other symptoms.

Wearing of contact lenses

When you use contact lenses, you are putting your eyes in an incredibly stressful situation and getting extremely dry is one of the results of it. This is why you should always maintain moisture on your eyes while wearing your lenses by using artificial tears. The best contact solutions can do this for you.

If possible, you should also avoid wearing lenses for a prolonged period of time.

Sjogren’s syndrome

One of the possible causes of a chronic dry eye condition is Sjogren’s syndrome. This is an autoimmune condition that causes your white blood cells to attack your salivary and tear glands, causing you dry mouth and dry eyes.

How can you treat dry eyes?

Artificial tears/eye drops

Most of the time, an over-the-counter eye drop, or artificial tears formula can do the job for your dry eyes. You may need your doctor’s recommendation in some cases, but you can always get one without any prescription. Among other brands, GenTeal is one of the most popular and recommended brands for eye drops.


If the cause of your eye drops is due to over exhaustion of the eyes, the solution can be as simple as taking a rest. Blink often, and if possible, look at a wide scenery to ease the strain and stress on your vision.

Possible medications or treatment

In cases of chronic dry eyes or dry eyes caused by autoimmune conditions, your doctor may recommend treatment or in some cases, even surgery. It is always better to consult your doctor if you feel like your dry eye situations are not normal anymore, so you can be guided on proper steps depending on the specifics of your condition.

What Causes Chronic Constipation?

What Causes Chronic Constipation?

What Causes Chronic Constipation?

Sometimes, you just can’t do a proper “number two.” Or maybe, you have done it but immediately after, it feels as if you haven’t really passed everything down there. It is a funny and an uncomfortable feeling, especially if it is something that you have to live through almost every day.

If you are experiencing this, you are most likely constipated. Constipation is nothing new for most people, as almost everyone has experienced being constipated at some point in their lives. Usually, it only lasts for a few hours to a few days at the most and can be resolved with medications that can be bought over the counter. But what if it becomes worse?

This is what chronic constipation is about. Unlike the kind that most people may know, chronic constipation is something more serious and sometimes, could also be a sign of something worse happening in the background of your body.

 Here are the things you need to know about this condition, what causes it, and the best remedies for constipation easily available for you.

What is constipation and when is it chronic?

Constipation can be considered “chronic” once it goes on for a prolonged period of time and is starting to become a hindrance for someone to live their lives normally. Its short-term counterpart, acute constipation, is usually just temporary and can be a result of either a bad diet or some food that was eaten recently. For example, if someone is low in fiber, they may experience being constipated as a result. Usually, a temporary relief can be through a laxative, like an Ex-Lax Chocolated Stimulant Laxative that you can buy online.

However, there are things that can trigger a worse case of constipation other than a simple neglect in your choice of foods. Here are some of them.

What causes chronic constipation?

Anxiety and depression

You may be physiologically healthy, but still be at risk of having chronic constipation. If you are constantly in a state of anxiety, your body activates your sympathetic nervous system. Among other things, this affects the activeness of your digestive system and will thus affect your regular bowel movement patterns.

People going through depression can also be at risk of constipation since depression may lead someone to move less and have less physical activity. Additionally, medications that help with this condition can sometimes disrupt the balance of your metabolism and thus also result in constipation.


Being constipated is normal in some pregnant women. In fact, it has been reported that at least two in five pregnant women experience certain levels of constipation throughout their pregnancy.

This is because of the body increasing the level of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy. As a result, this can affect the ability of intestinal muscles to contract.

Underactive thyroid

Your thyroid is a small gland that is located near the front of your neck. Among other things, the thyroid is responsible for making sure that your metabolism is in perfect rhythm. If it is underperforming or is not functioning properly due to a lot of reasons, your metabolism would be affected and thus would also ruin your bowel rhythm.

Left unattended, this can lead to chronic constipation or even worse conditions.


Similar to hypothyroidism, diabetes is also considered a hormonal problem and thus can affect your metabolism. If you have diabetes, your body no longer produces the sufficient amount of insulin it needs to properly break down all the sugar you consume. This can be a problem in digestion especially if you consume high-sugar foods such as rice or anything that is sweet.

Side effect of medications

Sometimes, the chronic constipation that one is experiencing may be not due to problems with their body but as a result of side effects of some medications that they are taking. If you notice that your meds start to disrupt your bowel movement and it has been affecting your daily living, discuss alternative options with your doctor as soon as possible.

What are the early signs of chronic constipation?

Knowing the difference between acute and chronic constipation can sometimes be tricky, but there are some tell-tale signs that your inability to pass bowel properly may be something chronic already.

  • Total inability to pass bowel for a long time
  • Passing bowel but having the feeling of “something left”
  • Hard to pass stool, usually black in color (indication of blood)
  • Prolonged feeling of being bloated

Can you treat chronic constipation?

Chronic constipation needs specific steps to be treated, and professional help through your physician or doctor is needed at this point. Still, you can do a number of things to help yourself be eased of the symptoms of constipation that you are suffering from.

Exercise regularly

When you work your muscles, your metabolism also gets boosted and can result in better digestive health as well.

Increase fibre intake

Try to infuse your daily diet with more fiber. A good choice of oats for breakfast can help a lot, and there are a number of cheap yet nutritious options you can easily buy online.

Increase your water intake

Unless your doctor specifically advised you to drink less water, staying hydrated can help your body deal with digestive problems better.

Take supplements

Companies such as Novartis offer a wide range of supplements and over the counter medicine that can help ease symptoms of constipation. Although most of these products are obtainable without the need for a prescription, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor first.

Before you go

Constipation is something that almost everyone has gone through at some point in their lives. However, what differs temporary constipation from chronic constipation is on how long the symptoms last and on whether it starts to affect your ability to live and function well as a person.

Still, there are available treatments even for chronic cases of constipation. Always remember that if you feel like something is not right with your stool and bowel movement pattern, do not delay your consultation with your doctor for early prevention.

Gingivitis: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Gingivitis: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Taking care of your oral health is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. Gingivitis may sound bad, but when treated early and properly, it should not be something that you should worry about.
What Is Castile soap?

What Is Castile soap?

What Is Castile soap?

If you are into organic beauty products, alternative cleaning remedies, and environmentally-friendly products, chances are you have heard of a castile soap. People are getting rid of their vinegars and throwing away their baking sodas for this soap--so what is the big deal? What makes castile soap so popular and so attractive to people?

To answer that, we have to find out what is a castile soap and what makes it different from the usual soap that you may know.

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is a kind of soap that is made out of vegetable oils and free of any oils extracted or made from animals. It is also free of synthetic materials. This is what some even call it the “vegan soap,” since it is 100% free of ingredients made of or coming from animals.

The soap got its name from its place of origin, which is the Castile region of Spain. The soap that was made there was a combination of olive oil and sodium carbonate which resulted in a white, hard soap. This product was sold in the Mediterranean first and eventually made its way throughout the entirety of Europe in the 16the century.

And the people back then loved it. From then, the composition of the soap evolved. Eventually, other plant based oils such as coconut, palm kernel, hemp, and jojoba oils were also used in making the soap, opening the door for countless variants and scents.

Centuries later, castile soap continues to appeal to people, and its composition and scent continues to adapt to modern times.

What is lye found in soap?

One more thing that makes castile soap different from other soaps is that it is virtually lye-free. Although it uses lye to be made, specifically potassium hydroxide, a process called saponification converts the said lye and the vegetable oils and makes it into a new, lye-free compound.

Uses of castile soap

There are many uses of a castle soap. You can use it anywhere from your face to your body to even the deepest corners of your house. Here are some of its most common uses:

For a relaxing bath

Just add a good amount of liquid castile soap to your bath, and you will get a more relaxing and more rejuvenating feeling of the bath. Some people also add in some essential oils to boost the experience and make it more relaxing.

Clean your house with it

Why not give your house the castile soap experience? An ideal mixture of it is combining 1/4 cup of castile soap to one quart of warm water. Use it as a spray to clean dirt and grime from surfaces of your house.

Soap for the baby - and the dogs, too

A good dog shampoo can be pricey and despite that, it can still contain a number of potentially harmful chemicals. The same goes for baby soap, and babies can consume a lot of it. The good news is the castile soap that you have can do the job for both.

Benefits of castile soap

Castile soap is not a new thing in the market, but it has gained tremendous amounts of popularity in the past several years, not only due to its many uses, but also its benefits not only to the individual using it, but to the environment as well.

Here are some of the benefits of using castile soap.


One of the things that appeals to a lot of people when it comes to castile soaps is that unlike traditional soaps, it is free of environmental hazard, Since it does not use synthetic chemicals and artificially-produced compounds, it produces virtually zero chemical waste.


What makes castile soap more cost efficient when it comes to production is that it can be purchased in large amounts, cutting down on cost of smaller, individual packaging and sales. Dr. Bronner brand, for example, sells their castile soap in as big as one gallon. There are other companies, on the other hand, that offer custom filling of containers--this means that customers can bring and fill their own containers and they would have to pay according to the volume of the containers they brought.

Ethical production process

If there is one castile soap brand that managed to set the standards of production as high as it is now, it would be the Dr. Bronner’s brand. First of all, the company uses only Fairtrade-certified ingredients that are also organic as well. Most of the ingredients they used are sourced and carefully-picked from various countries such as Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Palestine, India, Kenya, and Ghana, among others.

Not only that, but the company also takes initiative in training their farmers in regenerative agriculture practices in order to have better soil health for the plants. Not only that, but the company also makes sure that workers are given the best work conditions and paid living wages.

This is important for a lot of people. In every soap that they buy, they know that they improve not only their personal lives, but also help in improving the lives of the people behind the product as well.

Where not to use castile soap

There is virtually nothing that you can use castile soap on. What you should remember is that there may be combinations or conditions or other products that may affect the usability of effectiveness of the soap.

For example, if you have hard water, the castile soap may leave behind a white residue. The same can happen when the soap gets mixed with vinegar. This is because the alkaline in the soap and the acid in the vinegar cancels each other, therefore breaking down the soap into oils--this is also the reason why it cannot be combined with lemon juice or other liquid high in acid.

If you with to use castile soap on your hair, be informed that it may not react well with most hair colors and may end up breaking down the dye of your hair.